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Yard Service Customer Review

Enjoy Your Lawn

Late Fall of 1999, I met the owner of Spartanburg Lawn Care. I saw his truck in a Walmart parking lot. He had a list of services and a phone number on the sign, so I called him while I was parked next to his truck. He met me a few minutes later. His name is Dwight “John” Runciman. We’ve been friends ever since.

His lawn customers usually call him John.

Since 1999, John has been helping me with the lawn at my farm where it takes hours to mow, or one of my rental properties, he’s been the guy I could count on the be honest, hard-working, and reliable.

They run a tight team to do the yard work. Dennis can fix any car or lawn mower, so it’s great to have him on the crew because if equipment breaks down, he gets it back in service ASAP. Then, there’s Trent, a good-hearted man in his 20s. He doesn’t say a lot, he just works and never complains.

Spartanburg Lawn Care Services:

1. Mowing

2. Trimming with a Weed Eater

3. Clean up after themselves, blow off driveway & walkways

4. Can schedule your lawn on a rotation or a one-time job

They won’t pull up in a fancy company vehicle. They won’t be decked out in the latest branded clothing. They won’t offer you exotic lawn treatments. They do a simple cut and trim. This concise operation keeps the price affordable. You don’t have to pay for all that fancy marketing. In fact, they have never paid for advertising, they’ve built their business on word-of-mouth.

John has fixed my pipes that have frozen and burst when no one else was willing to do it. He’s installed ceramic tile and flooring. He’s done electrical work and troubleshooting. He installed my mailbox. He can do bush hogging on rough fields and he can even bring his tractor over and plow your garden in the spring. In other words, John is a handyman.

I’ve been so pleased with John over the years that I built this website for him.

The picture at the top of this story is of my deaf Dalmatian sitting on the lawn that John mowed.


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